Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ronald Regan’s would be assassinator Hinckley is to be released after 35 years

John Hinckley Jr. tried to assassinate US President Ronald Regan in 1981. After 35 years Hinckley is to be released next month from a psychiatric hospital.

Totally 4 people along with President Regan was injured in the shooting.  It was outside a hotel of Washington in 1981.

ronald regan shooter hinckley released after 35 years

Due to insanity Hinckley was not considered as guilty. So he was sent to hospital for treatment. And after 35 years he is going to be released.

What Hinckley Wrote to Jodie Foster before shoot Regan

Hinckley wrote "by sacrificing freedom and life, I hope your mind will be changed about me. I am writing this letter one hour before leaving the room of Hilton hotel. 

Already he has been staying in his mother’s house for last 17 days. But it was under strict condition.

On that shooting President Mr. Regan shot in the lung. But luckily he recovered. Thduration of his presidency was just a week that time.

James Brady was shot in the head, his brain damaged due to shot. A wheel chair was his companion for the rest of his life till 2014. Brady was the press secretary.

Two others security officers was injured due to shooting. Their injuries were minor.

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