Monday, August 15, 2016

Dalian Atkinson Dies after Being Tasered in Telford by Police

Dalian Atkinson former footballer Died By Shot by Police at his father house with a taser.
According to Police it was about 01:30 BST in Telford. Shropshire officer were called for a man’s safety.

A neighbor said that he saw Dalian Atkinson being Tasered. Mr. Atkinson. He was “stumbling towards’ police.

Atkinson was treated in paramedics but at about 3:00 doctor pronounced him dead.
Atkinson is remembered specially for scoring in the match at 1992-93 campaign. It was the inaugural premier league season.

According to Paramedics Atkinson went into cardiac arrest. It was on the way of hospital. His death referred to police watch dog.

Atkinson was having dialysis treatment as he had kidney problems. So his heart was weaker. And it was mandatory to call the ambulance.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hope Solo calls Sweden ‘bunch of cowards’ after USA fall at Olympics

Hope solo alienated many people of Brazil through posing with anti-mosquito gear while the country is suffering from Zika Virus. US goalkeeper was taunted with cries by Zika at every goal kick by Brazilian fans.  US drew with Colombia in the final game of group.

Solo claimed that it was necessary to change her gloves. This is why Lisa Dahlkvist was forced to wait to take the spot kick. But it took too much time and Sweden scored goal and US got out from the tournament.

Hope solo said that she is proud of this team. She also said that they played with a bunch of cowards. She also said that the best team is not the winner today. They didn’t want to play open, they didn’t want to pass. It was physical, combative game.