Monday, August 15, 2016

Dalian Atkinson Dies after Being Tasered in Telford by Police

Dalian Atkinson former footballer Died By Shot by Police at his father house with a taser.
According to Police it was about 01:30 BST in Telford. Shropshire officer were called for a man’s safety.

A neighbor said that he saw Dalian Atkinson being Tasered. Mr. Atkinson. He was “stumbling towards’ police.

Atkinson was treated in paramedics but at about 3:00 doctor pronounced him dead.
Atkinson is remembered specially for scoring in the match at 1992-93 campaign. It was the inaugural premier league season.

According to Paramedics Atkinson went into cardiac arrest. It was on the way of hospital. His death referred to police watch dog.

Atkinson was having dialysis treatment as he had kidney problems. So his heart was weaker. And it was mandatory to call the ambulance.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hope Solo calls Sweden ‘bunch of cowards’ after USA fall at Olympics

Hope solo alienated many people of Brazil through posing with anti-mosquito gear while the country is suffering from Zika Virus. US goalkeeper was taunted with cries by Zika at every goal kick by Brazilian fans.  US drew with Colombia in the final game of group.

Solo claimed that it was necessary to change her gloves. This is why Lisa Dahlkvist was forced to wait to take the spot kick. But it took too much time and Sweden scored goal and US got out from the tournament.

Hope solo said that she is proud of this team. She also said that they played with a bunch of cowards. She also said that the best team is not the winner today. They didn’t want to play open, they didn’t want to pass. It was physical, combative game. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

PGA Championship 2016: Rorry Mcllroy’s started bad while Jason day starts hot

Rory Mcllroy started ugly as he said that he was out of patience with the game. The four-time major winner operates standard different from other golfers of the world. The reaction to his 4- over 74 at baltusrol will not be kind. This is a shocking run and not helpful for his patience.

A large amount of late money had pushed Rory. It pushed to the 7/1 favorite this week. There are strong reasons of pushing money. Because this is the major. The best one he suites.

It was a long par 70. It is easy to see 60s round to run away. But now it is hard to get back into the game. As Rory is a talented player there are some possibilities too. Still the number of left holes is 54.

On the other hand Jason day started his day nicely with a 2 under 68 in the first round. So his started nicely in the PGA Championship 2016 at Baltusrol.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ronald Regan’s would be assassinator Hinckley is to be released after 35 years

John Hinckley Jr. tried to assassinate US President Ronald Regan in 1981. After 35 years Hinckley is to be released next month from a psychiatric hospital.

Totally 4 people along with President Regan was injured in the shooting.  It was outside a hotel of Washington in 1981.

ronald regan shooter hinckley released after 35 years

Due to insanity Hinckley was not considered as guilty. So he was sent to hospital for treatment. And after 35 years he is going to be released.

What Hinckley Wrote to Jodie Foster before shoot Regan

Hinckley wrote "by sacrificing freedom and life, I hope your mind will be changed about me. I am writing this letter one hour before leaving the room of Hilton hotel. 

Already he has been staying in his mother’s house for last 17 days. But it was under strict condition.

On that shooting President Mr. Regan shot in the lung. But luckily he recovered. Thduration of his presidency was just a week that time.

James Brady was shot in the head, his brain damaged due to shot. A wheel chair was his companion for the rest of his life till 2014. Brady was the press secretary.

Two others security officers was injured due to shooting. Their injuries were minor.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baton Rouge : Three US Police Officer Shot Dead

Three USA police officers have been killed and three more injured in Baton Rouge of Southern US city. According to witnessed a man was firing indiscriminately. One suspect is dead and there are two others in risk.

The event follows a recent killing. When a police killed a black man. And it may play vital role and sparked protest. Another police killing in Minnesota. The attack was taken by a black army veteran. He shot dead five officers. It was in Dallas.

President Obama said about condemn strongly about the attack on Police in Baton Rouge. He said it is a work of cowards and there is no justification for this type of violence.

According to a mobile phone footage police car was there for intersection. That time shots sound heard. Police is using robot for checking explosives at that place. Witnessed says incident began at about 9 am and the gunman wearing black mask and military clothing.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Qandeel Baloch; Pakistani social media celebrity killed by her brother

Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch is the victim of honour killing. She was killed by her brother in Punjab.

Qandeel Baloch; 26 posted some controversial photos in social media site. Some of the photos were captured with a muslim cleric. Qandeel Baloch strangled to death.
She was killed for dishonoring her family.

She was familiar to Pakistan for posting bold and hot pictures and hot comments.
Baloch parents said that she was strangled to death by her brother during an argument. Earlier Baloch left Karachi and go to Punjab due to security threat.

Her brother  Wasim did not like her modeling profession and asked her to quit this. However wasim is not arrested as he was on the go.

Friday, July 15, 2016

France Terror Attacks in Nice

Lots of people were killed in Nice of France when a large truck plowed over the crowd of a bastile day. President Francois Hollande called this one a terror attack.

The number of death grew through the night. The president says 77, after that interior minister Bernerd Cazeneuve said that Truck attack killed 80 people.

The truck driver shot a gun attack before plowed the truck over the crowd along two kilometers on main road of nice. People moaned down for this as they came to see fireworks. 

The driver was killed by the police shooting. Firearms, explosives and grenades were found in the trucks. President said that we can’t deny that it is terror attack. Mainly it was bustile day and post France Revolution republic was celebrated in France.

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President Hollande recommended state of emergency. No group has claimed responsibility of this attack still now. US president Barack obama said about this attack and want to stand beside to recover France.