Thursday, May 26, 2016

Art Brile’s Stunnin Ascent ends in sudden disgrace according to report

Baylor University’s football coach Art Brile was fired due to sexual assaults. This event takes place in Thursday when accusation against players toward alleged victims.

Already Texas University’s Board apologized to the school community for this. According to the investigation a football team allowed to run. It was run by the university officials.

The chairman of the University board said that they are horrified due to this assaults. Starr, the investigator is known for President Bill Gates affair. Baylor was president since 2010. He steps down from that position on Tuesday.

Emma Watson, Ellen DeGeneres and More Stars Vie for Attention in Red Nose Day 2016 Promo

Red Nose Days again, so it is time to get another heartfelt video compilation of any popular celebrities.

Here we’ve shared a video where Zac Efron, Emma Watson, Chole Grace Moretz, Lena Denham and some other popular celebrities created a comedy video. It is for the annual event.

These stars made a video on the way of supporting people to the given cause. Everybody of them saying some words and then they edit the video. They celebrities doesn’t say too much but they took a serious look. Let watch the video. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Barcelona Celebrate the Double, Fans can attend by free ticket

There are lots of fans of Barca. Those fans or members can collect their free ticket and can join to the party of Barcelona stadium on Nou camp. It will be available from 8 am.

How to Attend the Party

Just fans need to collect their free ticket. They can bring their children with them.

Earlier Barcelona defeated Sevilla by 2-0. Jordi Alba and Neymar is the scorer and ensure Copa Del Rey. Today is the celebration day for Barcelona. Fans can join party through collecting free ticket of the victory ceremony function.

Mars appears at its biggest, brightest as planet moves into opposition

Mars has been seen as the brightest over the decades. Mars and the Sun were directly opposite to each other. The earth was in the middle of these two.

But on Sunday night the Mars come to the closest point to Earth. So it appeared clear bigger and brighter in the night sky of Sunday.

Who was standing towards the sky at night, watched a dot in the sky of night. Moreover if you have a telescope you can watch the part of Mars as bigger.

An expert says it would be appeared in the sky of night for about another month.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Manchester United Appoint Jose Mourinho as New Manager

There is news about Jose Mourinho that he made a deal to Manchester as their new manager before the win against Crystal Palace in FA cup final.

Under Louis van Gall Manchester was fail to qualify in the champion’s league. Due to this the Manchester Authority wanted to make a change.

Manchester united new manager Jose Mourinho 2016

Mourinho was free since December. He did his job for Chelsea at last.
Manchester authority is going to announce this news early next week after inform Gaal about his job end.

Van gaal was defiant and said that he showed the way of cup (FA) but the sacked him for six months. Not mentioning Mourinho he said I have done this. Which manager can do this like me?

On the other hand Mourinho was silent to this. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Black Lively Criticized for “Oakland booty” comment

Black Lively is the unofficial queen of Cannes in this week. She was dazzling at the festival. 

Although the fact is red carpet royalty has misstep. Her instagram post is the cause of this discussion. She posted photos with her front and back side photos with her Atelier Versace dress.

She used a caption for these photos & the caption is “An L.A Face with an Oakland Booty.”

The reference of the quote is the song “Baby got back” by Sir Mix a lot. It is popular rap song. But a comment like “An L.A Face” or “Oakland Booty” from a blonde celebrity is not appropriate at all.

Sevilla Beat Liverpool by 3-1 to claim Europa Leauge Title (Watch Video)

Sevilla Beat Liverpool by a big margin of 3-1. Liverpool vs Sevilla match result is still unbelievable to Liverpool fans. They can’t believe it yet.

Sturridge scored first goal for Liverpool in 35 minute of the match.
Kevin Gameiro back Sevilla on level through scoring first goal. In the 64th minute of the match Coke scored second goal for Sevilla. That time Sevilla 2-1 Liverpool.

Sevilla scored the last goal at 70 minute. The rest of the time Liverpool tried to come back. But it was too late. 

Watch Liverpool vs Sevilla 1-3 Europa League Final

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Emilio Navaira Dead: Tejano Music Legend Died at 53

Emilio Navaira died at 53 suffering from a heart attack. He was a legend like Madonna and Prince.
His music career stayed several decades. Navaira performed both country and Tejano music. He was called “Garth Brooks of Tejano”.

Today we are going to share Emilio Navaira greatest hit songs. Lets have a look.

Watch Emilio Navaira Great Hit Songs

Monday, May 16, 2016

Missing pop singer Sinead O’Connor found in US

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor found in US. She was missing more than a day,  Chaicago Police says.
Police say to BBC that she had been located. Police first said that they are seeking the singer.

The singer went on a bike ride. Police was alert during that time. She didn’t return from there.
O’Connor became famous throughout the world with her song “nothing compares 2 U”.
In her career she had 10 solo albums. But she was in the headline for her controversial outbursts.
Sinedad O’Connor in 1992 in a live television show ripped apart a photo of John Paul II and critic child abuse scandal. 

NASCAR introduced 3 new packages and Keep Teams working hard

The design of NASCAR is being changed every time.When new rules are announced, all the stuffs and chiefs start to run circumvent the package. For finding competitive advantages they get paid.

NASCAR reacts of their jobs and additional tweaks.Before the starting of 2016 Sprint Cup Season, NASCAR brought a lower down force aero package. When the team got opportunity and started to work, again NASCAR introduced 3 changes.

The first change is cars must be welded in place.Another change is electric brake fans are illegal at present. And the third & final change is every team’s initial static roe need to set to zero degree.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Doom Video Game Review and Gameplay video

Doom video game design is awesome. It is not similar to “Call of Duty”. Doom map is a maze. In this game players are forced to explore. Moreover color-coded keys are important here, that’s why backtrack is needed. You need to collect ammo and health. Then you need to enter into a room where you’ll face monsters. They will come to you as rioters. You have to face them.

Doom set is designed like a first person shooting game. Shotgun, chaingun and many more weapons are used to this game. The sound quality of the game is really incredible. To be successful in this game just all you need to use the weapon according to the condition of the game.

Watch The Gameplay of Doom

Monday, May 9, 2016

Desert Trip Ticket Sell Out For Both Weekends

On Monday afternoon tickets sold out for both weekends. It was October’s desert trip rock festival.

The authority declared that there were no longer pass available in 3:28 pm. The resident of Coachella valley will get another opportunity to buy the ticket.

However, still you have the opportunity to buy tickets of desert trips. Today we are going to share the ways. This is nothing but how to buy desert trip tickets.

The California Desert Trip is going to take place in October. All you need to go to  on Monday 10 a.m.

The event is divided into two parts. The first one is October 7 to 9 and the second part October 14 to October 16. The features are Bob Dylan, The Rolling stone, Neil Young and so on.

Golden Voice has declared the price of the tickets. The price has started with $199 to $399. For one day pass you can collect ticket of $199 but for three days it will cost $399.

Mercury Transit: Mercury Made Journey Across The Sun

Mercury transits the sun. The watchers of sky have got an enormous opportunity to watch this.
The sojourn time was lasted from 11:42 until 18:42 GMT. It was staying between the earth and the star.

One can’t see this event with the naked eye. So the astronomy groups have arranged filtered telescope to view this scenario throughout the world.People have watched this live in online too.

Here Mercury look like as a tiny black circle. It was smaller than sunspots but darker. And this one traversing the yellow disc of sun.

Mercury will not make any journey like this until 2019 and 2032. It was the third time mercury pass in this century.

After every 88 days Mercury spins around the Sun. Most part of the America or Western Europe or some parts of Africa seven and a half part was visible when it was crossing the sun.

Mercury is so small and it is 1/150th of Sun’s diameter. So serious magnification is needed to see this. The “eclipse glasses” was useless this time which was used to see last year solar eclipse.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother day images

Today is happy mother day. You can share your feelings through sharing some beautiful mother day images. This images will help you to express the inner feelings to your mother. So we have gathered 10 cool mother day images for you. Lets have a look.











Friday, May 6, 2016

Battle Field 5 leaked, The Original Battle Field

Battle Field 5 official game announcement is knocking at the door. But several leaks have given the idea of what is coming in this new episode of shooting. What we are going to get from EA and DICE.

Although it is not battle field 5, it is nothing but battle field 1. The game has shown the platform of world war I. Although still it is not confirm.

The launching date of the game is October 18th. But announcement is coming though. So just stay with us to get more coverage of the game.