Monday, May 9, 2016

Mercury Transit: Mercury Made Journey Across The Sun

Mercury transits the sun. The watchers of sky have got an enormous opportunity to watch this.
The sojourn time was lasted from 11:42 until 18:42 GMT. It was staying between the earth and the star.

One can’t see this event with the naked eye. So the astronomy groups have arranged filtered telescope to view this scenario throughout the world.People have watched this live in online too.

Here Mercury look like as a tiny black circle. It was smaller than sunspots but darker. And this one traversing the yellow disc of sun.

Mercury will not make any journey like this until 2019 and 2032. It was the third time mercury pass in this century.

After every 88 days Mercury spins around the Sun. Most part of the America or Western Europe or some parts of Africa seven and a half part was visible when it was crossing the sun.

Mercury is so small and it is 1/150th of Sun’s diameter. So serious magnification is needed to see this. The “eclipse glasses” was useless this time which was used to see last year solar eclipse.

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